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ASCAP member; Published by CQK Records and Music ( and Dogmanboy Music. 

Former moderator for the Austin Songwriters Group's monthly critique session.

Heavily influenced by Sheila Davis, Pat Pattison, Mary Dawson, Jimmy Webb, Elvis Costello, and the Dansters.


Partial Discography


CDs:                                                                                                       Cassettes:

Small Steps, 2001                                                                                      Mid-Course Correction - Prima Facie Quartet, 1988

The Connecticut Lunch, 20th Anniversary Remix, 2004                            Vendetta From Deep Space, 1987  

It Is What It Is, 2006                                                                                   Living On The Edge, 1984

Odd Ditties, 2009                                                                                          The Connecticut Lunch, 1983

Ten Pieces of Light, 2013                                                                             Two Hearts, 1982

Mid-Course Correction - Prima Facie Quartet, 1988 Remix, 2014               It's Sunday, 1981

Loose Book Ends, 2023

To All Gates (with Bob Paskowitz)


YouTube (Strousongs Youtube Channel)



Uncle Hap


This Little Prayer


Stage, Film, and Video - Partial Listing


The Tree Climber

From Morn 'til Midnight

Women's Storybook Project of Texas

ACS Educational Services


Music/CD/MP3 Purchase





...and a million other locations 


Recording/Production - Partial Listing


CBI Makilah Choir

Dave Jellison

Eddie Macbeth

Johnny Mason

Polk Shelton

Robert Skiles

TBS Kol Hakavod Choir




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